Self-Concept Rx Mini-Course
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Your self-concept is a series of learned beliefs about yourself and your place in the world that create the outer boundaries of your life experience.

Some are very helpful. But, some are detrimental to life, wealth, success, and relationships.

Three simple concepts can predict your success in any endeavor:

Your concept of yourself.
And, I mean the REAL, unconscious, “nobody’s looking or listening” idea you have about yourself.

NOTE: Your self-concept is your unconscious idea about who you are, what's possible for you, and how much you're allowed to have.

Is your self-concept big enough to house the call on your life and the dreams you have for yourself?

Your concept of yourself relative to others.
Who do you believe are your peers? Do you relate up or down?

Your concept of yourself relative to the ING’s:
Having, giving, receiving, allowing, taking, getting, doing, winning, losing, letting.
Are these easy or hard for you?

In this mini-course, you will learn:

  • How to spot evidence of your existing self-concepts
  • A couple of my favorite steps to expand all three concepts to reach your highest & best states in life, love, and business
  • One simple tool to challenge beliefs you aren't even conscious of.

If you aren't hitting your goals in ANY area of your life, there's a self-concept misalignment in that area.

Here's how you start fixing that:

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